We constantly monitor and reflect upon the quality of our provision, and more specifically on the impact it has. This enables us to maintain and further develop both the scope and depth of our provision in ways that positively impact on the lives of children and young people.

We really do appreciate all your hard work for us. We had the Inclusion inspector here yesterday for the Quality mark and she was blown away by all we do and the specialist support we have in place- we sang your praises!”

Training on ASD:

This was a really useful session as it provided a wider background to ASD whilst also giving strategies for coping with pupils with ASD in our school. Staff felt that their knowledge had deepened and they felt better equipped to understand and help our pupils.”

Training on Effective Listening:

Staff enjoyed this session as it gave them the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their practice. Staff have noticeably altered some learned behaviours and are more ‘present’ when talking to each other and to pupils.”

Reports for two pupils:

The report provided for the Pupil A, which showed little evidence of need, was enlightening as this was a pupil with probable global delay (and certainly extensive speech delay) in Early Years who has struggled with retention and learning ever since. Now in Year 5, he has made strides in progress but staff still probably think of him as an under achiever. This report has helped to sharpen our expectations of the pupil. The report provided for Pupil B was useful in identifying an underlying possible diagnosis for a child with extremely challenging behaviour and this report prompted parents to obtain a full Ed Pysch report which we can now use to ensure effective support is in place for him and his family.”

Coaching for Headteacher:

This has been extremely beneficial in developing the HT personally and professionally, having an impact on decisions that will drive improvement in her school in the immediate present but also in the future. The HT has never had the ‘luxury’ of access to consistent coaching before and is grateful for the opportunity to reflect and focus her decision making.”


Participant Feedback