C2C - Mindfulness Based Wellbeing programme

Including the Introduction, C2C is a seven-week mindfulness based wellbeing programme. Each week takes you through a guided meditation, with each focusing on a different aspect of wellbeing. These include Gratitude, Positive Emotions, Self-Awareness, and Loving Kindness. In addition to requiring participants to repeat the meditation several times during the week, the programme also encourages them to find ways to apply the principles explored, in ways that have a direct and practical impact on their experience.

C2C Intro

A brief explanation of what C2C is all about, explaining how it combines regular mindfulness practice and the practical application of key principles such as gratitude, awareness, and compassion.

C2C Week 1

Opening to an awareness of our moment to moment experience - in an accepting and compassionate manner, being open to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations that often pass beyond conscious awareness.

C2C Week 2

Focusing on the breath, maintaining focus, and finding ways to deepen and embed your practice.

C2C Week 3

While our primary focus of attention may most often be on the breath, this week we open to a broader awareness of sensations throughout the body. We also commit to the expression of gratitude.

C2C Week 4

Developing our capacity for compassion, towards both ourselves and others so that we are better placed to fully engage with life.

C2C Week 5

Focusing on the experience of thinking and on the nature of thoughts themselves, developing the capacity to be aware of, but not swept away by them.

C2C Week 6

Connecting more deeply with sensations in the body - building on and deepening aspects covered in previous weeks.